Colorado Corvette Club


In keeping with our mission, the Colorado Corvette Club’s Charity Committee, currently headed by our Vice President Ken Jansen, provides several non-profit organizations with charitable donations every year.

Each non-profit is local and benefits greatly from our “micro” donations (usually around $500). With these smaller donations we are able to be more impactful in various areas of our local community, including child-focused and veteran-focused programs.

Special COVID-19 Donation:

A club member, Jay H., has been working hard to find financial assistance for many of his tenants who are having difficulty during the COVID-19 shut down. Unfortunately, some families have special circumstances which limit the availability of various forms of government assistance and other financial programs.

The Colorado Corvette Club wholeheartedly agreed to donate $500 to one of Jay’s tenants – a family of four with young children. This “will make a huge positive impact for their family.”

Non-profit organizations we support:

Our first charitable donation of 2020 was to Freedom Service Dogs of America. An organization which specifically trains service dogs for individuals and their specific needs. They work most often with Veteran’s and Autistic children, but provide services for many other disabilities as well.

We were honored to have Kathy Aalund, from Freedom Service Dogs, and Tom with his service dog Norwin (graduates of the program), visit us. They demonstrated the special, individualized training that Freedom Service Dogs provides, and shared very personal stories of how service dogs improve lives.

Because this organization does such amazing work (and the extreme cost of training one dog) we doubled our usual donation.

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