Colorado Corvette Club


The Colorado Corvette Club organizes events on a regular basis for its members. This allows us to get together more often than just for meetings, which means more time with friends and more reasons to drive our Corvettes!

Thanks to our Events Chair, Sherron Garnett, every event runs smoothly and is a great experience for our members. Bingo, Historical Tours, Summer Picnics and Holiday Parties – and anything else we can think of!

Special Non-Scheduled Events:

While official events are on hold, the club is still finding ways to get together.

On June 27th, a few members drove their Corvette’s to a young Corvette enthusiasts house for his birthday. He got to sit in the cars and received some Corvette related gifts. It was a fun day for everyone.

Corvette Birthday Party

Upcoming Events:

*Currently on hold due to various Covid-19 related restrictions.

Previous Events:

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