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Mike and Teresa K.

Mike K's red corvette
2001, Coupe, Magnetic Red
Our Corvette Story

Mike has loved corvettes since he was a little kid. A neighbor bought one when he was young and he immediately wanted one. Teresa grew up with older brothers that were all into fast cars so she understood Mike’s passion for Corvettes. When Mike completed his masters degree, he decided to reward himself. After much searching, they found a low mileage, 2001 Magnetic Red Corvette. A few years later, we ran into the daughter of an old family friend who was selling a 69 Convertible. We purchased that car the same day. That car has since been sold to Teresa’s brother where it will be in good hands and will return to original condition. Two years ago, we joined the Colorado Corvette Club, which has been one of the best things we have ever done and are now able to enjoy our Corvette with other like minded people.

Our Story

Mike and Teresa are both Colorado natives. Teresa grew up on a farm outside of Thornton, and Mike grew up in Northglenn. They met in 1983 between their junior and senior years of high school. They married in 1988 and have two kids, Tyler and Lauren and a daugther in law, Ashley. They currently live in Thornton with their rescue black labrador mix, Thomas. They are very busy in that the each work full time jobs and also own a business, but still find time for Corvettes, working out, ice hockey, kids swim meets, nice dinners, traveling, and drinking the occasional glass of wine.


Mike is a Sales Consultant and Business Owner, Teresa is a Chief Financial Officer.

We own an executive suite business called Intelligent Office that can assist small business with reception services, phone answering, addresses and office/conference room space. Teresa also does Bookkeeping/Accounting.

Hobbies/Special Interests

Mike: Playing Ice Hockey, Working out, IndyCar and NASCAR
Teresa: Working out, Crocheting, Pilates

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