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Ken and Tian J.

Ken J. 2013 Torch Red Grand Sport
2013 Torch Red Grand Sport with the Heritage upgraded package
Our Corvette Story

We own a 2013 Torch Red Grand Sport with the Heritage upgraded package that we purchased in December of 2016 with 7400 miles. Ken has had a love for Corvettes since childhood, while Tian was first introduced to the American supercar when she moved to America from China. Ken had come close to buying his first Corvette several times over the years but something always held him back. After attending the CCC Corvette show (before joining the club), the search kicked into high gear when I got the chance to drive a club members Corvette and became really hooked. It became a must have. Tian wanted a white C7 while my preference was a dark colored C6. Our Corvette showed up on a website and I called to get info and ended up putting down a deposit with the dealership so we would not lose it. I showed Tian a picture and she really like it. She asked if I liked it, and upon hearing a yes from me, asked if we could possibly get it. I responded that I had already put a deposit on it and we were headed to Saint Louis that weekend to get it, I think she almost fainted LOL. We traded in my Harley Davidson for it so we borrowed a trailer, loaded the Harley and along with my daughter, headed to St. Louis and purchased it. We trailered it back, got home at close to midnight so we left it on the trailer. Woke up to six inches of snow on the top of the car!!! Unloaded it straight into the garage and had to wait about a week to get it out on the road. We love this car!!!

Our Story

We met through a website. I was divorced, and with having a young daughter, had many issues with actually finding someone to date. I had always had a strong fascination with Asian women so joined several websites. After 3 years of disillusionment, I had ended my membership but with only a few days left I saw Tian’s picture and bio, she responded several days later and things clicked for us. After 3 years of video and finally being able to fly to China twice to visit her, she was able to move here and we were married in September 2015 and have been very happy since with many adventures and great times. My daughter Ambry is 18. Tian’s daughter, Tiantian who is 11 and still in China. We had finally been able to start the process of bring her here when the Covid-19 scare started and we have had to put the process on hold, so lots of video calls to her daughter for Tian.


I am good at everything LOL, but the two things I am great at are driving and photography. Tian is writing a book based on her experiences here and her life in China before arriving here and hopes to sell it in China to show the Chinese people wheat America is really like as the Chinese government has never been honest about American culture.

Hobbies/Special Interests

Beside out Corvette and the club, we like to travel and especially show Tian America. We have a 5th wheel RV and have visited the west coast, Pacific Northwest and my home state of Wisconsin so far, with many plans to travel more as I approach retirement. Tian loves to walk and hike and I love travel photography

Mike and Teresa K.

Mike K's red corvette
2001, Coupe, Magnetic Red
Our Corvette Story

Mike has loved corvettes since he was a little kid. A neighbor bought one when he was young and he immediately wanted one. Teresa grew up with older brothers that were all into fast cars so she understood Mike’s passion for Corvettes. When Mike completed his masters degree, he decided to reward himself. After much searching, they found a low mileage, 2001 Magnetic Red Corvette. A few years later, we ran into the daughter of an old family friend who was selling a 69 Convertible. We purchased that car the same day. That car has since been sold to Teresa’s brother where it will be in good hands and will return to original condition. Two years ago, we joined the Colorado Corvette Club, which has been one of the best things we have ever done and are now able to enjoy our Corvette with other like minded people.

Our Story

Mike and Teresa are both Colorado natives. Teresa grew up on a farm outside of Thornton, and Mike grew up in Northglenn. They met in 1983 between their junior and senior years of high school. They married in 1988 and have two kids, Tyler and Lauren and a daugther in law, Ashley. They currently live in Thornton with their rescue black labrador mix, Thomas. They are very busy in that the each work full time jobs and also own a business, but still find time for Corvettes, working out, ice hockey, kids swim meets, nice dinners, traveling, and drinking the occasional glass of wine.


Mike is a Sales Consultant and Business Owner, Teresa is a Chief Financial Officer.

We own an executive suite business called Intelligent Office that can assist small business with reception services, phone answering, addresses and office/conference room space. Teresa also does Bookkeeping/Accounting.

Hobbies/Special Interests

Mike: Playing Ice Hockey, Working out, IndyCar and NASCAR
Teresa: Working out, Crocheting, Pilates

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